CNIPSetu is a Multilingual Solution designed for Government and Agencies running Setu Centers for issuing Certificates to Citizens. Total of 120 different types of certificates and affidavits can be issued through this application.

A Single Window / One Stop Solution for Citizens to get a certificate or an affidavit is accomplished through this apps. All the back end process is completely automated level-wise. It is location wise defined like sub division, district, taluka, saza and village. There are 5 modules integrating various functions of day-to-day administration with many reports.

WebSetu is a Multilingual site designed for Citizens, Government and Agencies. Through the site one can find what are the required documents and information required to obtain certificates and affidavits. Status of the submitted Application can also be checked.

MIS Module for District Collector is part of this web site. District Collector can find number of certificates issued, money collected based on a single certificate to multiple certificates. This can be done for a single or multiple Setu Centers.

  • We offer our solutions based on a SAAS (Software As A Service)
  • Technical knowledge is not necessary
  • Easy to use Windows based application
  • Powerful. Robust. Secure.
  • Tailored delivery - Select only the solutions (modules) you need
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